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Halil Burak YILMAZ

Halil Burak YILMAZ

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist

Electronics & Communication Engineer, MSc

Machine Learning Engineer

Founder, Content Editor and Writer (2020 – present)
Teach to Machines

Big Data and Business Analytics Senior Engineer (2020 – present)
Research Engineering for Data Science R&D Projects

Machine Learning Lecturer (2018-2019)
Celal Bayar University
Elective Machine Learning Course Lecture for 2018-2019 academic year fall semester at Computer Engineering Department

Mobile Packet Core Senior Engineer (2015 – 2020)
Mobile Network Packet Core Operations for GPRS and LTE

GPON Support Engineer(2011 – 2015)
Support Engineering for GPON network.

BSS Engineer (2010-2011)
Support for 2G Network swap

Telecom Support Engineer (2009-2010)
Customer support, analysis, design and testing for softwares special to telecommunications

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